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Canada's first rainbow clinic

Pregnancy after loss is different.

Your care should be different too.

A pregnant girl in a denim jumpsuit holds a rainbow in her hands for the decor of a childr

Hope After Loss

We believe in a world where every expectant family receives the care they need to feel safe and supported.

Setting a new standard

You spoke from your hearts and we listened with ours. After completing a nation-wide research study on pregnancy after loss, we know that Canada can do better to support loss families on their journeys to becoming new parents.


We're up for the challenge and invite you to join us.

The case for specialized care

Parents who become pregnant after a stillbirth are 5-10x more likely to experience another stillbirth.

76% of women attempt to conceive within 3 months after losing a pregnancy. 

86% of women become pregnant again within 18 months following perinatal loss.

Cute Emojis

“Rainbows remind us that even after the darkest clouds, and the fiercest winds, there is still beauty.”
– Katrina Mayer


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