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It's time for a movement

*The Rainbow Clinic concept was created by Dr. Alex Heazell in the UK in 2013. The clinics have significantly reduced the stillbirth rate for their high-risk population of loss families.

If you've experienced the loss of a baby, your next pregnancy may feel very different. Whether you have experienced a stillbirth, miscarriage or other form of loss, we know that you may be experiencing conflicting emotions of grief and joy.

We want to honour your baby that has died, while celebrating this new journey that you are on. We are making sure that you get the support that you need for a safe and healthy pregnancy by creating Canada's first virtual "rainbow clinic*"

Right now, this means we can match you with care providers who understand and empathize with your past experience of loss. We invite you to join our mission to make rainbow clinics a standard of care across our country.

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